Phenolic Paper (SRBP)

A paper based laminate with good mechanical properties and can withstand low tension electrical applications under non humid conditions. Suitable for using as insulation structural parts

Phenolic Cotton (SRBF)

Our Phenolic Cotton is very popular and is high quality. Phenolic Cotton has an excellent mechanical property and is oil resistant.

Epoxy Cotton

Fine weave scoured cotton. Can be easily machined to a fine finish with good anti track properties, coupled with high mechanical and electrical strength.


Phenolic Kevlar

Aramid and soft glass fibres are combined to make a fabric that is stronger than pure aramid and less abrasive than glass fabrics. 

Phenolic Glass

Due to their high glass fibre content they are not machined as readily as cotton or paper grades and are not normally suitable for applications involving wear.

Silicon Glass (NEMA G7)

Contact us for more information regarding Silicon Glass.

Epoxy Glass (NEMA G11)

Epoxy Fibre Glass Sheet is a class F laminated sheet made from reinforcing  material such as E class glass fibre cloth (desized and silane treated) and woven rovings, impregnated with thermosetting epoxy resin and laminated under high temperatures and pressure.

Polyester Glass (GPO3)

Polyester Glass specifically cured unsaturated polyester resin in a non-woven glass mat, containing aluminium trihydrate, less than 2% organic peroxides and metallic stearates


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Silicon Mica

Mica possesses exceptional properties resisting everything from fire, electricity, chemicals to radiation and at the same time is environmentally safe. 

Dogbone & Corner Profiles

Pultruded glass. DCPD resin dog bone & corner profiles in various sizes.

EPM 303

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Epoxy (FR-4)

Epoxy FR4 is an insulating laminate made of glass fabric bonded together with a self extinguishing epoxy resin, complying with FR-4 grade of NEMA

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Epoxy Glass Cloth

Composite rods of glass with epoxy with high flexural & compression strength dimensional stability, lightweight & excellent machining. rods are rolled & moulded

F1 Graphite

Grade materials are manufactured from the fine weave scoured cotton fabric with resin & graphite inclusion.

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F2 Rod

These moulded rods are composed of lamination of phenolic resin, impregnated cotton fabric in a convolute form, moulded in cylindrical moulds under heat and pressure and then ground to size.

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Flexible Mica

LSIL is an electro-thermal insulation. It is a flexible composite material consisting of Phlogopite Mica paper or Muscovite Mica splitings, bonded with a silicon resin. It is available plain or laminated with glass cloth or ceramic felt. 


For over 40 years D.C. Wort has manufactured rotor vanes for use in air motors, pumps, compressors and air tools.