For over 40 years D.C. Wort has manufactured rotor vanes for use in air motors, pumps, compressors and air tools. D.C. Wort use only high pressure laminate materials that meet specific performance characteristics of each demanding roto vane application. These materials are manufactured for special environmental conditions requiring long wear, resistance to high temperatures, shock, vibration and most chemicals while remaining dimensionally stable.


ARC-2: Medium weight cotton fabric reinforced high temerature phenolic laminate. Molybdenum disulfide as an internal lubricant is able to withstand high pressure.

ARK-2: Asbestos replacement Kevlar made from a high temperature phenolic resin.

LPFG: Fine weave cotton fabric reinforced phenolic laminate. Contains internal lubricant that increases wear resistance. Recommended for use in small air tools.

LEL-635: Has low water absorption, stability, a high working temperature, excellent wear resistance, very good dimensional stability and excellent chemical resistance. Recommended for use in air tools and air motors.

ARG: Glass reinforced phenolic laminate. Moisture, either as humidity or water, has little dimensional effect. Recommended for use in pumps.


LW = lenghtwiseC = 336/23/98 humidity for 336 hours 23 oC
CW = crosswiseD = 24/23 water for 24 hours 23 oC
THK = thicknessD = 48/50 water for 48 hours 23 oC
COTE = coefficient of thermal expansionD = 72/23 water for 72 hours 23 oC
CON = conditionE = 1/105 temp for 1 hour 105 oC
A = as receivedE = 48/50 temp for 48 hours
Grade thickness (inches)UnitsARC-2 .125ARK-2 .125ARG-290 .125LEL-635 .125
Max op TempF300300350285
Water Absorption COND.D-72/23%3.54 4.870.671.58
Flex STR. LW COND.APSi18790316102831020250
Flex STR. CW COND.APSi15240308902467016600
Flex MOD. LW COND.APSi x 1061.261.081.841.1
Flex MOD. CW COND.APSi x 1060.980.951.560.85
IZOD Impact LW COND.AFT-LBS/IN2.2313.4111.171.34
Taber Wear Volume Loss After 8 HoursFT-LBS/IN0.1840.3080.2600.277
*Bond 1/2″ COND.D-ALBS2160191015601850
*Bond 1/2″ COND.D-48/50LBS1805173513752180
*Cote 3/8″ LWCM/CM/DEG.
C x 10-5
*Cote 3/8″ CWCM/CM/DEG.
C x 10-5
*GRTH HUM 3/8″ LW COND.C-336/20/99IN/IN0.00050.00070.00030.0002
*GRTH HUM 3/8″ CW COND.C-336/20/99IN/IN0.00080.00070.00050.0004
*GRTH Water 1/8″ LW COND.D-72/23IN/IN0.00180.00250.00040.0009
*GRTH Water 1/8″ CW COND.D-72/23IN/IN0.00300.00230.00080.0016
*GRTH Water 1/8″ THK COND.D-72/23IN/IN0.01520.01180.00090.0033